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What Makes A Highly Effective Team?

“Great teams don’t just happen. Those teams that fit together like puzzle pieces are the result of hard work and thoughtful leadership.” -Quinton Spaulding

Throughout the years, Managing Director Quinton Spaulding has successfully created Champions for KHS Factory. One might ask exactly how he’s able to do this and if he haves some type of secret formula .
“A lot of factors come into play, but a BIG component of a winning team comes through constant training and mentoring.  It’s not about being just a manager, but a strong leader.”states Quinton Spaulding.
The fact is that I knew I had to prepared to take the time to learn to become great manager, and if you want to build a great team, you must also dedicate yourself to being a great leader by learning from experience and many sources as you can.

“[A] popularized but simplistic view of our work, which suggests that anyone who has accumulated sufficient number of hours of practice in a given domain will automatically become an expert and a champion.”

An important factor is that you have to have a clear and common goal.  Every time the team races, they are measured in how well they have done in terms of the time, goals, etc.  In today’s sporting world, the statistics are as much a part of the game as the gameplay itself.
Another key factor is having a clear plan of action.  Benjamin Franklin is said to have coined the phrase, “Fail to plan and you are planning to fail.”  No manager goes to a game without a plan, and it will depend on the team they have and the team they are playing against.  In every team, the players know what is expected of them, even if the plan has to be changed because of unforeseen circumstances, or a different game plan by the opposition.

In every game and for every team, it is important to set out the rules of the game.  Every game must have rules, as these allow the team to know what is right and what is wrong, and therefore play their best within the agreed parameters.  When players breach the rules, they expect and accept that they will be brought to account and must take the consequences with professional etiquette. This is one of the most overlooked. While there is no “I” in TEAM, there is one in WIN.  Every team member has a set of personal attributes that make them good at what they do, and it is the leader’s job to know what these talents are and to ensure that they are maximized on the race course.  Likewise, your team members need to be able to do their job their way, and be encouraged to take risks.  As long as they moving in the direction of the goal, following the plan and in line with the rules, very little can actually go wrong.



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