Influencer / Downhill

KHS protégé of their MTB realm.

Logan Binggeli has been racing for KHS since he was 19 years old. Throughout the years of devoting himself to this extreme sport, Logan has made a significantly good name and has drawn attention worldwide racing mountain bikes, specifically gravity downhill racing. Logan has helped KHS transform their mountain bikes to perfection in his many years in riding downhill. Gaining him the knowledge, experience and expertise that he needs to effectively run an all star race team while also influencing the younger generations who are interested or already racing this extreme sport.
Logan holds an executive position with the KHS Bicycles company and has influence the direction with how the KHS mountain bikes are design and built.
Logan Binggeli was born in Heber City UT, till the age of 9 then moved to St. George, Utah after 7 years of racing amateur motocross he became super passionate about mountain biking since 2003. This was when Logan attended the Redbull Rampage and thought it was the coolest new sport ever. The Rampage style of riding seemed to be a perfect fit since he was coming from a motocross background. It looked like the perfect fit until he found out there was more to these downhill bikes and discovered his love for downhill racing.

Racer Information

DOB: 8/27/89
Birth Place: Heber City, UT
Current Home: St. George, UT
Nationality: USA
Weight: 178
Height: 5’11
Highlighted Achievements 2008

Career Highlights:
3rd Place RedBull Rampage
2012 US National Champion
2012 DH National Series Champion 2012-2013

Highlighted Achievements

2017 3rd Overall GRT National
2017 RedBull Rampage 16th
2017 Valpo, Chile Urban race 7th
2017 MSA World Cup 28th
2017 Nevada State Champ
Redbull Rampage 21st
2016 GRT National series 2nd
2016 US National Champs 7th
2016 Nevada State Champ
2016 California State Champ
2015 GRT National series 3rd
2015 US National Champs 5th
2015 California State Champ
2015 RedBull Rampage 15th
2014 US Championships 5th
2014 GRT National series 5th
2013 US Series GRT Champion
2012 US Series GRT Champion
2011 US National Champion
2012 3rd place RedBull Rampage
2012 California State Champ
2011 California State Champ
2010 California 4cross Champ
2011, 2012, 2013 Utah Downhill Racer of the year
2009 Nominated Out Door Idol MTB
2008 First Year Professional



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