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We are thrilled to have one of the best female North American Ultra Endurance athletes join our squad once again for the 2024 season. Leah is no stranger to podiums when it comes to the big mountain and extreme desert heat endurance races; the top-notch North American Ultra Endurance races like Race Across America, Race Across the West, and HooDoo500. We are also excited to be supporting her as she competes for the 1st time in the Ride Yr Bike – TransAm Bike Nonstop US challenge, a gruelling 4200-mile unsupported race. We can’t wait to see what Leah Goldstein can accomplish this year with KHS under her, welcome to the family!

Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., World Kickboxing champ, Leah Goldstein was also the first female Elite Commando instructor and anti-terrorism officer in the IDF as well as a successful pro cyclist. After a horrendous bike crash in 2004, Leah was told she would never ride again; she proved disbelievers wrong! In 2011, she placed first in the women’s solo division of the world’s toughest 3000-mile cycling competition, Race Across America. In 2021, at 52, Leah made history as the first female to WIN the overall SOLO Division of Race Across America. In 2023 Leah placed 2nd in the Solo Women’s division and 4th overall in Race Across America and broke her previous record by 10 hours. This year, Leah will be racing for the 1st time ever in the TransAm Nonstop Bike race, spanning 4200 miles across the USA, with the added challenge of riding completely 100% unsupported. Leah’s never-quit attitude challenges others to push past their boundaries and live no-limits lives.

I am so grateful to have been on the KHS race team since I came out of retirement in 2019. They have been with me during all my rides since! 2024 is going to be a full race year and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together in the ultra endurance racing world!

Name: Leah Goldstein
Birthdate: 02/04/1969
Birthplace: Vancouver, B.C.
Current home: Vernon, B.C.
Nationality: Canadian/Israeli
Turned Pro: 2001 – 2012
Career start: 1989

Discipline: Transitioned from PRO to Ultra Endurance in 2012
Hobbies: Public Speaking, spending time with my family and dogs

Highlighted Achievement

2023- 2nd Women’s Solo RAAM (Race Across America) 4th Overall in 10 days 8 hours – Broke personal record by 10 hours – Queen of the Mountains – Queen of the Prairies
2022- 1st Overall Hoodoo 500 – Broke previous record
2022- 1st Solo Women RAW (Race Across the West) – New women’s time record
2021- 1st Overall Solo Division RAAM – 1st woman in 39 yr history to win Overall Solo Division – Queen of the Mountains – Queen of the Prairies
2019- 2nd Solo Division and 5th overall RAAM – Queen of the Prairies
2012- 1st Solo Woman (2nd overall) RAW – New time record
2011 – 1st Solo Woman – RAAM – Best Overall Female, Best in Age Group, Queen of the Mountains, Queen of the Prairies, and Rookie of the year.
2010- 1st Solo Woman (2nd overall) – Race Across Oregon
2010- 1st Solo Woman + new record 2nd overall – Ring of Fire
2009- 1st Solo Woman – Furnace Creek 508
2009- 2nd Overall – Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, Oregon
2009- 1st – Israeli National Championship: Road Race and Time Trial
2009- 1st Road Race – Maccabiah Games, Israel
2009- 1st Solo Revelstoke Hill Climb, BC
2008- 1st Race the Ridge, Maple Ridge, BC (RR & TT)
2008- 1st Overall – Tour of the Gila, Silver City, NM
2008- 1st Atomic Road Race, Abbotsford, BC
2008- 1st Nes Heron Hill Climb, Israel
2008- 1st Israeli National Champions
2007- 1st Overall – Tour TransAlp road stage race, Germany & Austria (+ won 6 of 7 stages)
2007- 1st K-Town Classic, Kelowna, BC
2007- 1st Mt. Seymour Challenge, Vancouver, BC
2007- 1st Mt. Baker Hill Climb, WA
2007- 1st Solo Tour Trans Austria
2007- 1st Solo Race the Ridge, Maple Ridge, BC
2007- 1st Warp Speed Time Trial, Abbotsford, BC
2007- 1st Solo SFU Road Race, Burnaby, BC
2006- 3rd Overall (+ won first stage) Tour of Willamette Road Race, OR
2006- 1st Solo Race the Ridge, Maple Ridge – Road Race & Time Trial
2006- 1st Hatzic Valley Road Race, BC
2006- 1st Enumclaw Stage Race, WA
2006- 1st Solo Victoria Cycling Classic, BC
2006- 2nd (+ Queen of the Mountain) Tour de Delta, BC 2006- 1st Fresh Air Experience Fantastic Four Stage Race, Kelowna, BC 2006- 1st BC Provincial TT Championships, Squamish, BC 2006- 1st Cypress Hill Climb, West Vancouver, BC 2006- 1st (+ new record) Mt Baker Hill Climb, WA
2005- 1st Solo Race the Ridge, Maple Ridge, BC
2005- 1st Speed Time Trial, Abbotsford, BC
2005- 1st Overall (& won every stage) Columbia Plateau Stage Race, OR
2005- 1st Solo Sooke Classic Road Race, BC
2005- 1st Overall (+ 4/5 stages) Mt. Hood Cycling Classic
2005 – 1st (+ Queen of the Mountain) Mt. Hood Cycling Classic, OR 2005- 1st Israeli National Championship – Road Race and Time Trial
2005- 1st Solo Westside Classic, Vancouver, BC
2005- 1st Cypress Hill Climb, West Vancouver, BC
2005- 1st Lonsdale Criterium, North Vancouver, BC
2005- 1st Mt. Seymour Challenge hill climb 2005- 1st Fresh Air Experience Fantastic Four Stage Race, Kelowna, BC
2005- 1st BC Provincial Time Trial, Abbotsford, BC
2004- 1st Race the Ridge, Maple Ridge, BC
2004- 1st Warp Speed Time Trial, Abbotsford, BC
2004- 1st French Cup Race, Lucine
2004- 1st GP Cycliste de St. Salvy de la Balme, France
2004- 1st Solo Gary Lund Road Race, Sooke, BC
2004- 1st Solo Yaletown Criterium, Vancouver, BC 8
2004 – 1st Atomic Road Race, Abbotsford, BC
2004- 1st Solo Westside Classic, Vancouver, BC
2004- 1st Solo Hatzic Valley Road Race, BC
2003- 4th Tour of the Gila, Silver City, NM
2003- 1st (& new record) Warp Speed Time Trial, Abbotsford, BC
2003- 1st Enumclaw Stage Race, WA
2003- 1st Gary Lund Road Race, Sooke, BC
2003- 1st Israeli Nationals – Road Race
2003 – 8th Cascade Classic Stage Race, Bend, OR
2003- 1st Lance Armstrong Time Trial, Philadelphia, PA
2002- 2nd Stage 1, Tour de Toona, Altoona, PA
2002- 2nd Canadian Road Championships – Time Trials
2002- 1st BC Time Trial Championship
2002- 1st BC Provincial Criterium Championship
2002- 6th Tour de Toona Stage Race, Altoona, PA 2002- 1st BC Provincial Time Trial
2002- 1st Israeli Nationals – Time Trial
2001- 2nd Canadian National Road Championships – Time Trial
2001- 9th Hewlett Packard Women’s Challenge
2001- 8th Tour de L’Aude, France
2000- 3rd Canadian National Championship – Road Race & Time Trial
1999- 1st BC Road Championships
1999- 1st Women’s Tour de France – Domestique
1998- 1st Israeli Duathalon Championships
1997- Canadian National Cycling Event – 6th in 40km sprint, 13th in 105km road race
1989- 1st Inaugural Kfar Maccabiah Biathlon, Israel



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