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Champion Nik Nestoroff won’t be competing in the 1st GRT nationals

Unfortunately Nik Nestoroff will not be competing at the first GRT National in Oak Ridge, TN. this weekend. He has suffered a severe ankle sprain and will be working on getting better to complete at World Cup round one in Portugal (March 18-22) 

Sorry for the inconvenience to all our sponsors it is a tough sport, on the bright side we are fully pitted at the Windrock, TN National with our team pit and Steven Walton will be holding it down for the team! 

Words from Nik: 

“In the weeks leading up to the start of the US National season, I had a small training accident resulting in injuring my ankle. Fortunately it wasn’t broken but there was some damage done to my ligaments. With the mindset I have in terms of putting 110% into racing, I flew out to the venue this week that the first national round was being held at. With hopes of racing I did a few practice laps on the mountain but the pain was too bad to deal with.  Unfortunately I am sitting out this race. Part of racing is keeping your own health in check, I have a long season ahead and I want to be fully healthy for that. My sights are set on racing the first World Cup later this month.”

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