Triple Podium Wins for the Team!

Coming out on top with triple podiums wins for KHS MTB Pro!

Team KHS bicycles does excellent work at the final Downhill national the year coming out on top with triple podiums the overall Pro men’s Downhill winner (Nik Nestoroff) 2nd place in the Pro Female Downhill (Kailey Skelton) and the headline news of the season with Steven Walton taking the overall 2020 Downhill national title to make for his first major title in his career.. 

It was a grueling season. A season that will never be forgotten with over Coming and adapting with COVID-19 this series went all across the United States from east to west and the final race with all the points on the line ended up in snowshoe West Virginia known to be very slippery wet grueling track.

Friday started off with pro training followed by Saturday’s qualification with the team having a top five qualification spots. They were exactly 6.5 seconds down on US national champion Neko Mullally so they definitely have their work cut out for them.

Sunday ended up to be a beautiful morning with no rain and track conditions were turning out to be perfect it was roughly 4 PM when finals went off and Nik Nestoroff was able to lay down the fastest pro male time of the day beating out all the top competition! 

Steven Walton had tremendous pressure on his shoulders and was running a fine line of keeping the rubber side down, he executed his race run and coming 4th on the day and taking the overall national Downhill championship title.

The team wants to thank all our great sponsors for continuously supporting us throughout these tough times and we are very excited to have a great fall season of training and riding in preparation for 2021 we will also be competing at Kyke Straits invitational dual slalom race in San Diego California.

See our SnowShoe West Virginia final Downhill video now! Click here!

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