FMB Royal Rumble: Luke Whitlock


KHS Pro MTB at the first round of the FMB golden Slopestyle series

Big news Luke Whitlock heads out to West Virginia for the first round of the FMB golden Slopestyle event held at the royal ranch with some of the best international Slopestyle riders in the world, competing against each other for the top spots of the Slopestyle Freeride world.

Luke Whitlock has been holding down the Slopestyle and big mountain freeride scene for the KHS Pro MTB team while the team has been showcasing race type events. Luke has been training hard from Reno, Nevada to Virgin, Utah and all the way to Santa Cruz California to keep his skills sharp and improving every day.

Being on the freeride scene it’s more about video productions, social media and photos, but when it comes to competition Luke has been training hard to get on the top spot at his first 2021 competition. This is no little competition either it’s one of the highest ranked Freeride competitions in the world ranked at a golden stature just below diamond which is compared to an event like the RedBull rampage. 

Luke would head out from his hometown in Reno, Nevada all the way out to the woods of West Virginia to compete against the best athletes in the world on a great Slopestyle course designed by some of the best. Along with the designers of this high competition course would be just as high demand judging from likes like Reed Boggs and Brett Reader. 

Luke only had 2 1/2 days total to practice and dial in all his tricks he really wanted to make it count with an unique run and showing the judges he has a lot of tricks in his bag. When it came to the finals he only had two runs to lay it down taking the best score out of those two runs.

His first run went very well with a huge bag of tricks down the course and consistent smooth riding would put him in sixth place. With what he was calling his safety run. Luke would have a lot more to come for his second run but unfortunately when he went for his double tail whip mid run he would slip a pedal and slide out.

Luke would finish the day off in six place out of 30 of the top international athletes. Knowing that he had more in his pocket and could’ve and most likely would’ve ended up on the podium. Luke still gained great confidence coming away from this competition and huge success from the whole entire weekend with riding and competing against the best Slopestyle athletes.

Overall it was a very successful trip to compete against some top-notch competition and shake the competition bugs off to get prepared for his next competition down in Mexico! In the next couple weeks Luke will be heading down to a huge Freeride event in Mexico to challenge again some of the best free ride athletes in the world we wish Luke the best of luck and look forward to his success! 



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