Northwest Cup 2022

The Pacific Northwest always brings the best racing possible with riders from America and Canada going head to head

Port Angeles, WA has been hosting this special event for over a decade now, bringing some of the most unique and desirable tracks to race on!
The team would be in full force competing at this past weekend’s NW Cup. The competition would be coming from all around North America. The team would be racing in the Pro men & women’s Downhill events along with our male junior representing us in junior Pro.

Friday would start off with a day of training only, with over 600 riders, amateurs and pros all wanting to take to the top of the track. It would create very little time to dial in the track and find the fastest lines. After 5 hours of practice each rider would only get 5 runs down the track to figure out the wet, slick tricky track. All the athletes were excited and feeling on point for Saturday’s qualifier.

Qualifying would be firing off late in the day with one run top to bottom to see where everyone would stand and see what they could approve on. After the wet had settled our junior Pro would have a slight crash in his run to put him in the top 20 which he knew was better than making this mistake in finals. Both Steven Walton and Nik Nestoroff would take a top 15 qualifying run with ease to get themselves in the final and it would be Kailey Skelton taking the top spot in the Pro Women’s!

Sunday’s finals would be a banger! With all four athletes striving for podium positions the hunt was on. The morning would start off with one single practice run each to warm up and double check lines that had changed. Our junior Pro would have an excellent run with keeping his rubber side down to finish off the day just off the podium in 6th place. Our two male Pros would take to the track with blistering runs to end up only one second off the win!! Steven Walton would end up 7th and Nik Nestoroff would end up 8th. It was insanely close times within the top ten. It would all be up to Kailey Skelton to get the team on the podium!! She would have a dramatic run with a small crash during her race run it would seem she would be off pace, but not today she would end up crossing the finish line in the top spot and winning the big PNW. It was an amazing weekend of racing. The team will be back home preparing for their first Big Mountain Enduro race in Ironton, MI.


Logan Binggeli – Team Management 

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