Round four of the World Enduro series

This past weekend in Whistler BC resort. the best of the Enduro racers were there!

Round four of the World Enduro Series series fired off this past weekend in Whistler BC resort. Hosting the best international field of Enduro racers. It would be Nik Nestoroff completing his first EWS round. It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get qualified for these high rank races, no one can just walk into this field and compete. It’s a rigorous vetting process to qualify just to race one of these events. Whistler BC would be probably one of the most challenging and technical EWS races of the year with five grueling stages and over 6000 feet of climbing.

Nik would compete in the first three stages which are titled the “pro stages” with a new famous Track 1199 coming in to play. It would be the racers who would break in this new famous track, which made for fresh loam cuts and untouched terrain. Nik would put a solid day of work in and would claim 30th position. Which slotted him in the top 30 high ranked teams. 

Nik would move onto day two of racing which were the final two stages. Both of these stages were steep technical terrain with very physical transfers. Still recovering from day one Nik would have to push hard through both stages. On his last and final stage he had a very slight tip over which would cost him some time overall. At the end of the day Nik would end up P29th among the fastest Enduro racers in the world. The team is very pleased with Nik’s success. These are great steppingstones to move towards the top 20 or even the top 10. Nik will be moving onto the fifth and six rounds held in America. Team KHS Pro MTB would like to thank all of our sponsors, friends and family for the continuous support and dedication! See you guys next weekend in Burke Vermont for EWS round five.

Logan Binggeli | Team management

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