EWS round five in Burke Vermont and we were there!

All the international World Enduro athletes gathered around to showcase their talent on American soil and our Nik Nestoroff was there.

It would be our one and only athlete Nik Nestoroff holding it down for the pro men’s field coming into round five in the World Enduro series.

Nik would have six grueling stages to deal with with weather conditions wet, grimy, slick, steep, physical with all the above technical terrain backed throughout every stage. Nik would dive into day one with pro stage results placing him in 30th position. This was excellent news for Nik since day one was much longer stages. The first day was more of the physical long grueling tracks which was more of an Enduro style, not any of the short and snappy stages which would be held for day 2. Nik would be competing against the best racers in the world names like Sam Hill, Richie Rude and Jack Moore along with the above athletes that have been dominating the Enduro field for years. This was only Nik’s second EWS race and he was already thriving to break into the top 25 and continued success from Whistler BC EWS round four.

Come day two Nik would have five grueling stages being shorter and more trended towards downhill like stages, he would fight his way through the pack in continuous success throughout the day. The name of the game in Enduro is definitely keeping the rubber side down and having consistency throughout the day. That is exactly what Nik would do: he would accomplish his goal and land himself in 23rd position after a grueling six stages overall. It was roughly 35 minutes of grueling racing and Nik would make his top 25 goal. This was excellent news for the team. He would be building confidence going into round six for the Sugarloaf Maine EWS round. Nik will have roughly 4 days off to recoup and recover for his next world Enduro race he is very excited for the next round which is definitely not as physical with more grueling tactical tracks that he will be facing. We are very excited that Nik is showcasing his skills, bringing our team to the top of the world enduro series and representing us at the highest level of international racing. Once again we always want to thank our sponsors, friends, family and everyone who supports us throughout our season of racing. It’s always  a pleasure to be between the tape and we are all grateful to be happy and healthy going into our next rounds of racing. Also next week Steven Walton and Kailey Skelton will be holding it down in Big Bear, California for the Kyle Strait invitational Dual Slalom race, they’ll be facing the best Dual Slalom racers throughout America and we wish them the best and look forward to seeing them on the track with head-to-head racing!

Logan Binggeli / Team Management

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