Gravity Fest event in Big Bear, California and the World Enduro series in Sugarloaf Maine

Massive doubleheader race weekend for the world famous KHS Pro MTB Team

We would have Kailey Skelton and Steven Walton holding down the Gravity Fest event in Big Bear, California. It would be Nik Nestoroff all the way across the United States of America holding down the World Enduro series in Sugarloaf Maine. On the West coast Kailey and Steven would be holding down Dual Slalom along with Downhill. On the East Coast it would be Nik Nesdtroff holding down the top international field of racers in the Enduro category.

Big Bear, California has been hosting some of the best gravity races since the 90s and it would be one of the best race organization groups Team Big Bear who would be hosting the event along with Kyle Strait who spent multiple hours conducting probably one of the best Slalom tracks in the past decade. Friday would fire off with Slalom practice for both Kailey and Steven along with Slalom qualifications. Slalom consists of the top 32 riders in both men and women who will be taking to the finals which will be conducted on Saturday. The dual slalom track was the closest track to Supercross style riding which was very unique and a great step forward to futuristic tracks that should be implemented throughout the US and race events to come. Unfortunately bad news would strike Steven Walton on his second run out of two he would sustain a crash which seated him 33rd place and not making the round of the 32 cut. Kailey Skelton would make a few mistakes but would qualify in six position and onto the final for Saturday evening.

Saturday evening would fire on all Cylinders for the final dual slalom final, the crowd was roaring with over 1000 spectators viewing. Kailey Skelton would make it through her first two rounds, but unfortunately in her round of eight she would miss a gate and gert docked 1.5 seconds back against the current Dual Slalom US National champion competitor she was facing. With that Kailey still would put the hammer down and try her best to overcome this one .5 second deficit, but would cross the line short and end her night in 6th overall. Kailey was really enjoying the SX type track and technical jumps that came along with that, she does not spend a lot of time in this discipline and acclimated on an above. She will be looking forward to more of these types of events.

Sunday morning would kick off with Downhill finals Kailey and Steven would take a few practice laps on the famous Miracle Mile track that has been raced for over three decades from the best competitors in the world. Both Steven and Kailey would make huge redemption for Sunday’s final Downhill event and would both take the top spot for the men and women’s Pro Downhill event!

3000 miles across the US would be Nik Nestoroff competing in the high mountains of Sugarloaf Maine. He would fire off Saturday with one of the Pro stages which was definitely very slick technical and physical conditions he would fight his way through to 11th position. Sunday would have five more stages that were all very technical and high demand. Throughout the day Nik would grab some top 15‘s in multiple stages and also grab a six place overall in one of the stages, which was absolutely phenomenal since he was competing against the absolute best racers in the world. Before the last stage Nik was running 11th place, which was unbelievable and amazing to see Nik throwing down some of the best results of his career. On his last stage he would push very hard to capitalize on a top 10, but would have a minimal crash that would set him back overall in the top 20 which was still one of his and the team’s goal to break into the top 20. 

The whole entire team will be traveling throughout the US to all meet up in Brian Head, Utah for the Big Mountain Enduro series that will be hosting some of the best rocky mountain terrain mountain biking has. It will be Nik Nestoroff, Kailey Skelton, and Steven Walton holding down the pro men and women’s fields for the Big Mountain Enduro. We also want to give a shout out to our Junior Pro who was still healing up from his broken collarbone Nate Kitchen, we will be seeing him soon in the U.S. Open being held later in the season in Killington Vermont. Once again the team wants to thank all our dedicated sponsors, family, friends and fans. We definitely couldn’t do this without all the support from everyone above. We will see you guys all soon in Brian head, Utah!

Logan Binggeli | Team Management 

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