Big Mountain Enduro Rd. 3 Sunrise, AZ

"Round 3 of the Big Mountain Enduro Series took place at Sunrise Park Resort in Arizona.

This venue is always a proper enduro, racing above 11,000ft on long physical downhills. 

Day 1 started with an hour and a half pedal to get to the backcountry, where we raced two brutal but super fun raw stages before heading back to the bike park for the last stage of the day.

Day 2 was mostly in the bike park, with 4 top-to-bottom stages that really got the arms pumping and tested all the fitness that I had left after day 1. I was happy to get a stage win on stage 6! After 40+ minutes of racing, I finished 3rd overall in Pro Women. I am motivated to continue to improve and get faster. Next up for the team is the North American Enduro Cup in Kellogg, Idaho!

-Isabella Naughton

“Sunrise BME is a great venue with a mix of raw bike park stages and “rough cut” backcountry stages. 2 physical days of racing at elevation on long rough tracks make for a tough weekend. I was very excited for a dry race close to home. Day one started with two backcountry stages, and I finished 3rd on both to start the day. Then, e-bikes went straight into an uphill “power stage” a very steep hill climb with log and rock obstacles. We ended the day with a top-to-bottom bike park stage that I finished 2nd on. With all stages raced on day one, I finished the day in 3rd place, 15 seconds away in 2nd place. Going into day two, I planned on pushing hard to get into 2nd place. The day consisted of 3 bike park stages, 1 backcountry stage, and 1 uphill stage. I ended up getting 3, 2nd place stage finishes but didn’t quite make up the time I needed. I’m happy with how I was riding on the second day and to finish the weekend healthy in 3rd place. I was very happy with how my new SR Suntour suspension, paired with Kenda tires, handled the dry rough stages. I was running a new Duralux 38 fork with 170mm of travel, a Kenda pinner up front, and the new Black Diamond tire in the rear”.

-Lucas Cowan

“Super fun weekend with the team! Stoked to finish third in my first Big Mountain Downhill race on a really technical and physical course. Overall a great weekend of racing and cheering on everyone in the Enduro. Thanks to the KHS Pro Team and co-sponsors for the support and helping me chase my dreams each weekend”!

McKenna Merten

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