Logan Binggeli

Throughout his years Logan Binggeli has made himself a household name within the mountain biking realm. Transforming KHS race mountain bikes to perfection in his many years in competing in this extreme sport worldwide. All while gaining him the knowledge, experience and expertise that he needs to effectively run an all star race team. Click here to read his bio.

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Tennessee Enduro National

"The first national of the year is already upon...

Welcome to the team Westynn Iverson

"Super stoked to be representing KHS Bicycles this year!! ...

Fontana Winter Series Round 3

Fontana Winter series round three kicked off this Saturday...

KHS Pro MTB Key Athlete Steven Walton

"We are thrilled to continue throughout the 2024 season...


Tennessee Enduro National

"The first national of the year is already upon us with the Windock Enduro National firing off this past weekend in Oak Ridge, Tennessee....

World Championships 2021: VAL DI SOLE

This past weekend, the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships presented by Mercedes-Benz took place in Val di Sole (Trentino, Italy) and the KHS Pro MTB downhill race team was there!


The final day of the races. Seamus Powell made 3rd for the pro enduro. Nik Nestoroff made 5th for the pro men downhill. Kailey Skelton made 2nd for the pro women downhill.

Fontana Winter series Rd. 1 

It was not an easy weekend of racing with all of California dealing with torrential downpours, we were lucky to be racing and staying...

Fontana winter series

It’s great to see the team already back in action only five days after a national event. They will start off Saturday with racing...