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Bike check with Seamus Powell

Our 2X USA National Champion Seamus Powell shows off his new 2020 KHS 7500 enduro race bike. The KHS 7500 is specifically design for one thing: winning races.

Bike check with Luke Whitlock Our KHS Pro MTB champion racer Luke Whitlock shares with us his new 2020 KHS 650 DH bike along with his bike components and specs.

Coronavirus Team Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we here at KHS Pro MTB wanted to recognize that your health and well-being, as well as our athletes are paramount and we have been taking necessary steps amid this situation to help reduce...

Bootleg Canyon Series March 14-15

Finals of Bootleg Canyon Series Kailey Skelton 3/3 for 1st overall Nik Nestoroff 1/2/2 for 2nd overall Browse the gallery below to see pics of Kailey and Nik racing this past weekend's event.                                

2020 GRT Windrock Tennessee Nationals Round 1

Starting this years nationals with Steven Walton taking 4th on the Podium for round 1 of the Windrock Tennessee Nationals 2020. The Windrock Pro GRT has a name for one of the toughest pro courses in the United States...

Last Weeks Bootleg Pro MTB Team Practice/ Race Pics

Last weekend the team was in Nevada competing in the Bootleg Enduro/ Downhill race. Always making that everlasting impression with our competitors. Check out our practice pictures the day before the competition.

North American Enduro Cup- Bootleg Canyon

The team was back in Nevada this past weekend in Bootleg Canyon for this years Enduro cup.

Dominating the Podium…

Steven Walton dipping into the Enduro scene and taking the win!!!

KHS Pro MTB takes the top elite Pro Male & Female...

The team is starting the year off by continuously holding onto their championship titles as the top elite racers in the U.S. "Not only did we take the elite pro males class today but we also took the elite...


This weekend KHS Pro MTB started the year off racing in Fontana, Ca. Shout out to our team Nik Nestoroff, Steven Walton and Kailey Skelton!

KHS Nik Nesteroff

Nik Nesteroff has a made a name in the industry riding with KHS. Nik has shown the team time after time that there is no course that he can't handle or dominate. With many countless wins and championship titles...

KHS Steve Walton

This years roster includes champion racer Steven Walton. We are excited to see Steven contributing to the team his talents and look forward in seeing him dominate the podium. With our new DH Team 29 model bikes shining in...