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Team Recap 2021

With over 35 races completed, 20 video projects and thousands of photos our athletes names and team was once again embedding themselves deeply in the mountain by community. To start off with some groundbreaking highlights it would be Kailey...

Sea Otter 2021

Our KHS Pro MTB Nik gets 3rd overall for the Sea Otter 2021 Dual Slalom race event while Nate Kitchen grabs 6th! Way to go! Check out the video and pictures below!

KHS Factory Luke Whitlock

Our champion free rider shows off his skills in this latest video at Mt. Bachelor bike park. An extension to the 300+ miles of single track offered in Central Oregon.

DH World Cup SnowShoe, West Virginia

Wow! What a final event for the 2021 race year with the double header World Cup hosted in America by Snow Shoe, West Virginia Mountain. The best Downhill racers & Teams in the world to compete for race wins and...

World Championships 2021: VAL DI SOLE

This past weekend, the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships presented by Mercedes-Benz took place in Val di Sole (Trentino, Italy) and the KHS Pro MTB downhill race team was there!

Winter Park BME 2021

Big Mountain Enduro was just this past week and our KHS Factory racer Nik Nestoroff was there! This huge sold out bike event combines high altitude racing mixed with rugged terrain and big descents. Check out our gallery below with...

The KHS 7500 Enduro: First Impressions on Lake Tahoe Mountain Bike...

Our champion freerider Luke Whitlock first impressions on our flagship 2021 enduro race bike. Our flagship 29er enduro race bike is built for speed for serious performance. We know because this bike keeps our team on the podium. Whether you’re...

National Round 2 Vernon, NJ

Downhill National Round 2 is one of the most premier races of the season and who would be taking the top steps? The team would be flying out to New Jersey for one of the most decorated Downhill events...

Mega Weekend of Racing for the KHS Pro MTB Race Team

Starting off with factory rider Luke Whitlock and newest member to the grassroots program Dylan Cobern were both in Cedar City, UT at a mountain bike festival throwing down some big tricks and representing our freeride side of things...

KHS PRO MTB Von Zipper

KHS Pro MTB announces Von Zipper as a new sponsor for 2021. "We are excited and look forward in continuously working with Von Zipper. We are more than confident with their latest lens technology that protects our eyes while...

Big Sky Montana Round 2

Big Sky Montana Round 2 of the Big Mountain Enduro Series brought some of the best enduro racers from the world (Richie Rude, Cody Kelley). The racers would have 8 grouling stages throughout the Montana Mountains. They would be...

KHS 7500 Enduro Bike

KHS made sure the geometry of this bike was tuned for high-speed runs by providing the 7500 with a 65-degree head tube angle, a short rear end and a low bottom-bracket height. Additionally, KHS designed the frame to offer 150mm of travel and two wheel-size options, depending on frame size.